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Re: G'morning Atys Morning Mix


Well the mix won't appeal to folks who just like one or two types of music and don't listen to any other types. theres music from a large spread of countries and a bunch of styles, but i tried to pick ones that had _some_ connection to ideas or gameplay in ryzom. Any that don't were just added to make it sound nice.

edit: heres the playlist, as a few songs were picked for their titles (such as the 3rd song... 'Size Ten & One Half Sneaks') and one artist has Kami in his name

Island Grows - Airships
Headphonland: The Gangster Chapter - Mice Parade
Size Ten & One Half Sneaks - Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid
青天赤天(アオアマ、アカアマ) - Blue sky red heaven - 姫神 Hime Kami
True Warrior - Ari Up / on myspace
Purer, softer, deader? - Kippi Kaninus
Agarizachi - Kina Shoukichi & Champloose
Poco A Poco - Flutes & Strings Of The Andes
battlecry SamuraiChamploo opening - Nujabes
Little Room - The White Stripes
Unity Is Strength - Tippa Irie
Nature is Ancient - Bjork
Asleep in a hiding place - Múm
Intro - Gjallarhorn
ガゼルの歌 - song of gazelle - 姫神 Hime Kami
aruarian dance - Nujabes

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