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Can you give true answers about Ryzom?

This is my first post in the forum.
Before I was not allowed to post, even paying for the game...

I opened this topic to know the reality. I not intend to return to play if the game still dead.

From time to time I follow the site to see if something new has happened, but apparently nothing came. just more of the same

So I ask you active player! how's the game?
!!!Please do not answer like a fanboy, only give honest answers !!!

-The servers still dead?

-The population still low?

-The game still boring?
(I ask this because I played for years and nothing new was introduced, only the Ryzom Ring which is more of the same).

-Is there any plan to revive the game by adding new content?

-We walked alone for hours without seeing a player?
(When I stopped playing the server was totally dead and this game is only and exclusively based on group without or with few players it does not work.
Do not come saying it may be playable alone... for that there are better titles to play. I never play a mmo to be alone)

Feel free to say whatever you really think about the game.

I do not want to pay again to discover that i'm alone and my guild with more than 180 members is dead (happened last time)
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