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Re: Can you give true answers about Ryzom?

Originally Posted by dreatern
!!!Please do not answer like a fanboy, only give honest answers !!!
Alright, I'll be honest.

Originally Posted by dreatern
-The servers still dead?

-The population still low?
Which server?

Originally Posted by dreatern
-The game still boring?
(I ask this because I played for years and nothing new was introduced, only the Ryzom Ring which is more of the same).
...You are insane. That is the only explanation for this nonsensical statement.

Originally Posted by dreatern
-Is there any plan to revive the game by adding new content?
Players do not know Winch Gate's plans for the most part. But live storyline events are happening, a new NPC boss was just added, occupations were added, the Kitin Nest was added, etc etc. If you don't consider any of that "content" need some kind of medication.

Originally Posted by dreatern
Feel free to say whatever you really think about the game.
It's a great game. Truly great. There is quite literally nothing like it among MMOs. Nothing quite like its world among single-player games, either. It has the best crafting and harvesting in the industry bar none.
There are some flaws, of course. Imperfections in the homin models, glitches in animations, a general sense of...raggedy-ness arising from little things like the odd window borders in-game and some sloppy parts of the website, etc.
Winch Gate isn't perfect. They've made a few bad decisions, like splitting the community and communication across three separate forums (in addition to the feedback site).
A week ago, Arispotle was very nearly dead by the looks of it. Freemium is its last hope. Aniro probably hasn't noticed anything wrong, as they have always been the favored children of Nevrax/Winch Gate and have always had a larger, more active, more hardcore-in-every-way community. Leanon is somewhere between.

Originally Posted by dreatern
I do not want to pay again to discover that i'm alone and my guild with more than 180 members is dead (happened last time)
Join a different guild. Chances are, if it was dead the leadership isn't going to magically reappear and rebuild it, and the vast majority of those members are never going to come back in any case because they were trial players who have long since forgotten Ryzom exists.
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