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Re: Patch 1.11.0 - Ryzom is now Free To Play and new boss!

Hmm. I always get the bug to play again every year or so. The new free trial option may be a good way to get back in. There are so many free games of great quality, like LOTRO, that it seems silly to pay monthly now. I like the micro pay games, since I can either play totally free and not feel guilty that I am taking a few months off, or decide to pay crap loads for some silly thing like a unique mount.

Truthfully, I spend more on micro pay, so it is purely a psychological thing. Money is not an issue for me either, but knowing I am spending monthly for something I don't actively play all the time just makes my skin crawl. I closed my Ryzom accounts last time, specifically because of the monthly, as I was getting hooked on another game at the time.

I do like the mount storage boost and 125 level cap idea. I think I'll come back and make a new account or 2. My original account started within a few days of release. Prettiest game in the history of MMOs. Never let it die!!

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