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Re: Can you give true answers about Ryzom?

Originally Posted by dreatern
-The servers still dead?
-The population still low?
The french server is very lively, the other servers aren't populated so much. Lots of new players seem to be waiting for more players to play. If all of these would decide to actually play the game for a while, then the population would be high enough to satisfy them

Originally Posted by dreatern
-The game still boring?
(I ask this because I played for years and nothing new was introduced, only the Ryzom Ring which is more of the same).
You didn't like it that the same graphic elements of the game have been used for the Ring as well? I don't think many players critized that.

The Kitin-nest was implemented as an open raid-dungeon for high-level-player-groups in the meanwhile, Silan was overworked a bit, the new 8 occupations/jobs have been implemented for producing (self-)healing items - daily content for some of us; also new bosses, new options to furnish your room and get random furniture (by Rybambel), new user-chat-channels, more differentiated PvP, "daily" missions to get experience-crystals, focus-boosted pick-axes and other stuff for civilisation-points, more functions in your friendlist, some really fun RP-events...

It's for you to decide if this new gameplay will make you have fun everyday. Use the free trial and test the new features, I'd suggest.

Originally Posted by dreatern
-Is there any plan to revive the game by adding new content?
Yes there are many plans, but only the devs can decide what will actually be implemented in the game.

They long told us to be working on new encyclopedia-rites (more quests than missions) but first of all a bunch of new well rewarded missions for low-level-chars at the entrance of every city and 4 well rewarded mid-level-missions from the sages in every city have been implemented. The unfinished encylopedia-rites have not been finished yet though. The plan to raise the max-level of skills (still 250) was postponed altogether, because players didn't like it, or so it seems. The french Ryzom-community has the biggest influence on all of this because it is the largest by far. Like with the nation-PvP-feature.

Originally Posted by dreatern
-We walked alone for hours without seeing a player?
(When I stopped playing the server was totally dead and this game is only and exclusively based on group without or with few players it does not work.
Do not come saying it may be playable alone... for that there are better titles to play. I never play a mmo to be alone)
Silan is always rather deserted, so you'd better not judge from that. Depending on your time-zone you cannot meet players that are still asleep at night in their country. You might be able to meet most of the active players at events or OP-fights.

Originally Posted by dreatern
I do not want to pay again to discover that i'm alone and my guild with more than 180 members is dead (happened last time)
How about asking some of the former members you knew directly? Many MMORPG-guilds will change over time, will be fused with other guilds, will be split, single members or whole member-groups will change guilds - maybe your best former guild-friends are now playing in another guild? A small guild with great buddies will always be more fun than a large guild with indifferent members and names of people you never meet ingame. At least that's what I found out throughout many years of MMORPG-experience
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