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Re: Can you give true answers about Ryzom?

Oooh, answers from an Aniro player. There are some very interesting morsels of information and perspective...

Originally Posted by dumon
If all of these would decide to actually play the game for a while, then the population would be high enough to satisfy them
This is so true it's painful.

Originally Posted by dumon
new options to furnish your room and get random furniture (by Rybambel)
Who is that? *very curious*

Originally Posted by dumon
"daily" missions to get experience-crystals
Did I miss something? What are you referring to?

Originally Posted by dumon
The plan to raise the max-level of skills (still 250) was postponed altogether, because players didn't like it, or so it seems.
Whoa, when was that a plan? Arispotle never heard so much as a peep about it.

Originally Posted by dumon
The french Ryzom-community has the biggest influence on all of this because it is the largest by far.
Originally Posted by dumon
Like with the nation-PvP-feature.
Thank you for that.
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