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Re: Can you give true answers about Ryzom?

Oh, I'm sorry, I should have mentioned it: I'm from the small german-speaking community on Leanon and a female player from Vienna. Nice to meet you Our community has shrunken a lot, I'm sure there are even less german-speaking players on Leanon than english-speaking players on Arispotle.

Rybambel is a "system" that randomly lets player-chars get gifts (furniture and funny effects) from the servers Maybe it has a different name on Arispotle? You should be able to access it via the web-application for your room.

It started with Atysmas 2010 and still sends out 19 items randomly - a bit of this is described here in the Ryzom-wiki (please scroll down to the bottom to see the small items):

But Rybambel does even more: you can send your gifts to anyone else on the server from your home. Rybambel then lets you take part in "shipping" those items from NPC (appartment-vendors in front of every appartment-building on Atys) to other NPCs in any Atys-country. You will have your (char-)name put up in a ranking-list as a reward for delivering. This keeps some of us busy even though it's just for fun of course

Could it be you don't have Rybambel on Arispotle? Somehow I can't believe this since you're getting even more official events than we do on Leanon... I really have to visit Arispotle one of these days. It's also hard to guess the right terms that might be in use ingame on your servers.

These daily missions I'm referring to should be given out at 4 camps near each capital. This whole thing started with an event in called "Spring, when tents blossomed".

There are 2 kinds of missions: digging up certain mission-materials in large numbers and/or delivering a package to 6 encampments all over the continent, some fully built up by an earlier event with guards and tents, some unfinished with only on NPC and ruins nearby. The delivery-mission should be renewed every 8 hours as long as I remember, the gathering-mission is an endless one (but I think it eats up more time).

You will get nation-score for doing this mission and can then trade those points for different items (including level-crystals) in the respective capital of this nation at a certain vendor, called something like "dynastic Zorai-vendor" or "federal Tryker-vendor". Since crystals are being traded regularily on Leanon not many homins are using this "service" - well, at least I love it

The plan to raise the maximum skill-level was sent out as an e-mail on Dec. 19th 2009. Sorry I only got one in German, but it wasn't just a local announcement. It said for 2010 the plans would be:

* new content
* longer events
* going above level 250
* power to players - to implicate players into the story of Ryzom

Ah, so do you enjoy nation-PvP on Arispotle? It's not really used much on Leanon. Our guilds regularily fight for Outposts rather often, but it's still roleplayed as quarrels between Kami- and Karavan-believers like it was before. Some guilds don't even enjoy PvP, most of these periodically trade OP-materials to other players favorably (for peanuts) one day a week.

The event-chain that's up right now ("Tears of the Emperor") might lead to more battles between nation though - but who knows? I hope it will be up to the players to choose
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