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Re: Can you give true answers about Ryzom?

Originally Posted by dumon
The event-chain that's up right now ("Tears of the Emperor") might lead to more battles between nation though - but who knows? I hope it will be up to the players to choose
I think this would be unlikely because on Arispotle at least, this event is around a conflict between the Fyros (who are Kamists) and the Matis (who are Karavaneers). So it's still going to flow naturally into a Kami vs Karavan conflict, with most Zoraļ helping the Fyros and most Tryker helping the Matis.

To really get some nation conflict going, we'd need Matis vs Tryker or Zoraļ vs Fyros events! Or even Matis + Zoraļ vs Fyros + Tryker.

And we do have Rybambel on Arispotle, same as it is on Leanon, and also those daily missions. But you'd have to know they're there and/or look for them to find them, there are no big glowing banners pointing players towards them.
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