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Old March 30th, 2009, 04:08 AM   #1
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G'morning Atys Morning Mix

I've made a music mix honoring the new start of Ryzom, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, its time to say good morning to Atys again.


"While standing outside your favorite city gate watching the rising dawn of Atys, cleaning the saw-dust from your eyes, drinking a cup of cratcha coffee, stretching a bit; listen to this music mix to get you off to an activated productive day.

Tailored to both Kami and Karavane followers the music will increase your perceived xp gain just simply by listening to it before playing, or while wandering Atys. Studies have shown that setting it as an alarm actually inspires you to game more often!"

In some countries (ex. India) various compositions are considered best heard at specific times of day, and I kept this in mind when putting this mix together. This is a morning mix, and to me it actually does sound better when listened to in the morning, but it can (if you're like me and often get up late) be listened to at any time of day after waking.

The playlist is viewable on my website page /po_world.html or I can post it here it wanted. It is approximately 60mins long.
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Old March 31st, 2009, 01:03 AM   #2
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Re: G'morning Atys Morning Mix

Thanks, I'm having it running in the background while I dig. :P

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Old April 7th, 2009, 05:10 PM   #3
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Re: G'morning Atys Morning Mix

Wooh, cool idea.
Will listen to it presently.


Edit: Ahyes... interesting mix. Not what I´d have expected but nice

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Old April 11th, 2009, 08:29 AM   #4
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Re: G'morning Atys Morning Mix


Well the mix won't appeal to folks who just like one or two types of music and don't listen to any other types. theres music from a large spread of countries and a bunch of styles, but i tried to pick ones that had _some_ connection to ideas or gameplay in ryzom. Any that don't were just added to make it sound nice.

edit: heres the playlist, as a few songs were picked for their titles (such as the 3rd song... 'Size Ten & One Half Sneaks') and one artist has Kami in his name

Island Grows - Airships
Headphonland: The Gangster Chapter - Mice Parade
Size Ten & One Half Sneaks - Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid
青天赤天(アオアマ、アカアマ) - Blue sky red heaven - 姫神 Hime Kami
True Warrior - Ari Up / on myspace
Purer, softer, deader? - Kippi Kaninus
Agarizachi - Kina Shoukichi & Champloose
Poco A Poco - Flutes & Strings Of The Andes
battlecry SamuraiChamploo opening - Nujabes
Little Room - The White Stripes
Unity Is Strength - Tippa Irie
Nature is Ancient - Bjork
Asleep in a hiding place - Múm
Intro - Gjallarhorn
ガゼルの歌 - song of gazelle - 姫神 Hime Kami
aruarian dance - Nujabes

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