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Re: The Guild Registry of Outposts: Who, What and Where

Originally Posted by kdthehun

I would like to submit a request for an Outpost for my guild.
I would prefer atleast of q200 but would not mind Demon's Cross either.

Before you ask, Yes i have a paid account now, Yes i'm back in the game and I log in every day. Yes i'll be sharing stuff out, and won't say that "Our Drill don't Drill Cats or Our Drill don't drill OP Mats so we don't have any to share." Like i got some replys when asking for a few odd bits of OP mats and Cats of q250. [Now who would have a q250 OP and don't drill Cats?]

Anyway I would like a peacefull take over, and ofcourse with agreeable Conditions.

Please PM me in game or write to: amnesia@atysianexplorers.com


just go to outpost and press "Declare War", mate... you can start from Demon's op...
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