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Old January 8th, 2009, 11:12 PM   #1
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Some thoughts/suggestions from a returning newbie

Hello all,

Decided to post this message after discussing a topic in-game with someone whilst foraging.

In my short time back, I've come to re-learn, or at least remember some stuff I'd forgotten in my long time away. The basics of some things remained, but the finer details disappeared completely (such as crafting, etc).

Last night, I was talking to another player who was helping remind me of some other things I'd forgotten about (different teleports, etc) and we got to talking about faction.

One thing I've known since the beginning is that I wanted to side with Kami. I just tend to like the more "nature-based", "druidic" or even "tree-hugging" nature of the Kami... at least as I perceive them... over the cold sci-fi nature of the Karavan. Also, the Karavan guards with their faces covered remind me of those soul-less drones sitting at a row of computers in "The Black Hole"...



I got to looking at my standings with the factions and realized something a bit "odd", given my leanings. My Kami is at -13 and Karavan is +8. Not a huge deal, sure, but it shows that I was going the wrong way. That and when I got a mission from the Kami welcomer, it was to kill a couple Green Seed... whom I remember being told to help when I last played.

It made me realize that the last guild I was in - even though I'd told them I wanted to side with Kami - was basically helping me develop my character to align with Karavan instead. Now, at the time, I didn't know better and was assuming that I was being helped develop my character the direction I wanted to.

That, and my conversation just earlier in game has reminded me of something that I notice in all MMOs but, in Ryzom in particular, is more noteworthy.

Basically... people, though their intentions are good, tend to instruct players to make the same choices they made. The thing is, the things you're telling them to do may not lead to the kind of character they want to create.

Again.. in my example.. I wanted to align with Kami, but the people helping me pretty much ignored that and had me doing things to align with Karavan... because that's what they did.

Another example is gear...
I've got several sets of gear right now. At least 3 light and, I believe, 2 heavy. All were given to me by people telling me "you should be wearing this... and use this kind of weapon... and train these skills..." I would thank them for the gear and the advice and that was that.

Then when they'd see me some time later, they'd want to know why I wasn't using the gear they gave me, or the weapons, etc.

My response at one point was "because I'm still using the gear the last person told me I should be using...:-p" - and said it as a joke.

In one instance, the individual became offended and said "Well if you don't want my help, then don't ask for it" (thing is, I hadn't asked for their help in the first place... they basically said "here, use this" and gave me gear).

What I'm getting at here is not to bash people. I know their hearts are in the right place and they really want to help you out.

Thing is, I would recommend making sure you're helping the person create the type of character they want. If they don't understand the difference between A, B or C, then explain and find out what they prefer.. if they know at that time. And so forth.

Then, help the player make the right decisions to develop the kind of character and/or to develop the style of gameplay they prefer.

By simply telling them to do all the things you did, you're basically helping them become a copy of yourself. That isn't necessarily what they want. Offer pro's and cons and suggestions for each option, but leave it up to them to decide.

So.. just some thoughts from someone coming back to the game. Don't stop wanting to help people... just try and make sure you're helping them do what they'd want to do, and not what you want them to do.

For what it's worth :-p

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Old January 9th, 2009, 12:45 AM   #2
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Re: Some thoughts/suggestions from a returning newbie

Very good points there, thank you.
And welcome back to Atys

Seems some people end to give "too much lovin´" eh?

Well, you´re rightm their intentions are good, but I must admit I´m truly a bit puzzled by the described behavior. It sadeness me to hear that people just "pull you through" and forget to let you do your own thing.

Good you told us.
Surely we´ll take care not to make the same mistake (again).

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Old January 9th, 2009, 02:26 AM   #3
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Re: Some thoughts/suggestions from a returning newbie

Well firstly welcome back

I can see why people will try to get you to wear/train certain things, because, I think they realise, that when you first start Ryzom, the road ahead can be quite daunting, but veterans know that certain things can be cookie cuttered (tm ) in the game, to streamline your progress, eg HA for melee, LA for Magic and digging, level melee to build up your HP for spells etc.

Its all quite valid advice and although it may make you feel like a xerox, its good advice and well meant, which will stand you in good stead, until you can make your own better formed decisions. Although geting nasty about you not wearing what they give you seems a bit trite

The faction thing, well thats quite disappointing, especially as you had told them of your desires. Although DCP is a kami guild, we do have some karavan members, but my advice to anyone confused about the factions or doesnt really give a toss about the factions, I suggest they find a guild they like and think that they will stick with that guild, then convert to that guilds facton.

I would consider myself a "devout" kami, my choice was made in a similar way to why you chose kami, but tbh, theres no real difference apart from the lore aspect, there is alot of cross faction co-operation now, with boss hunts and op wars, that its really just friends with common goals from opposing factions banding together to achieve their aims.

I hope what you experienced didnt put you off and you will stick around and experience all of what Ryzom has to offer, if you look deep enough, adventure, exploration, friendship, team work ........ oh and fun
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Old January 24th, 2009, 04:11 PM   #4
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Re: Some thoughts/suggestions from a returning newbie

I find for the most part, both a year ago and now yesterday when I came back, people in the community are always helpful.

Just wanted to mention one bizarre case I ran into a year ago, don't remember the person's name, but she seemed rather overbearing with her "help"...she hung out at Fairhaven, and I gather that she helped all newbies in that area, casting prospecting for them and giving them things.

That part is all to the good. Nothing wrong with that. But for some reason, she seemed determined to latch onto me.

I tend to be independent, I don't ask for every little thing, and I like to explore, be that good or be that bad.

She began to follow me everywhere, which kind of gave me the creeps, I was testing myself against high level mobs...by trying to get from one end of a zone to the other without being attacked. I managed quite well on my first attempt, due probably to my prior gaming experience over the years.

She was still following me around this zone, which kind of bothered me, then messaged me to tell me that she "wasn't stalking me" and that I had done quite well at "sneaking" ...which I learned is the term here in Ryzom for managing to not acquire agro as you are moving thru a zone. This comes naturally to me, and I hardly thought it was any kind of "achievement" ..just a self-defense mechanism.

I gather she was Karavan faction, because soon as I mentioned I had strong leanings toward Kami, she started acting differently to me. Matter of fact..one day I was foraging near Fairhaven, and all of a sudden out of the blue she started cussing at me and saying mean things.

Why? I have no idea, but most of her behaviour toward me had been in the bizarre range in my estimation anyways, but this was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back for me. After that..I decided I could no longer hang out in the Tryker town, even though my character is Tryker, and decided that maybe it was time to gain some faction and find another place to live, all due to her behaviour.

I don't like to be hovered over, ordered what to do and what to believe. I am a friendly person by nature, and welcome advice that is given.

I don't remember this person's name..wouldn't mention here if I did, but I do know that I eventually put her on ignore...it got that bad.

Hopefully she has moved on somewhere...as I distinctly do not want to have to deal with her again.

There it is..my one and only complaint.

Thanks for listening.

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