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  1. A few quick questions on success/failure, respawning, and leaving a scenario.
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  11. Mission Rewards
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  13. This Forum - Please Read
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  16. 101 ways to use a Tryker
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  19. spawning objects?
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  21. resetting missions?
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  23. Question on Dialogue as per Grimjim Scenario
  24. A hidden chest
  25. Seeking help with Scenario.
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  27. dialogue functions
  28. How to give your NPCs titles.
  29. Our creativity as players
  30. Area Triggered by NPCs / Mobs?
  31. How to move backwards in dialogs?
  32. Designer ideas if function allows
  33. Ideas on the "permanent" scenario hosting problem
  34. NPC health and exchanging knowledge?
  35. NPC Damage/HP
  36. Ring Scenario Status Notifier
  37. Spawn/Destroy Objects?
  38. Plot Item Left Behind.. how to prevent?