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  1. Brainstorming.
  2. [Marketing] Une analyse préalable
  3. Stay free
  4. Steam?
  5. The RP³ (Ryzom Pen&Paper Project)
  6. Communication auprés des Cyber cafés
  7. Marketing
  8. To go along with publicity/advertisment: tag media with them
  9. Contest for new players
  10. Organize guild/outpost battles that are viewable live or on Web
  11. Win the right to have your name on a Ryzom land or a statue of you in it
  12. Wina a special edition Ryzom box
  13. Win a game machine (beefed up PC)
  14. [Closed] Player contest: monthly new design to be added in Ryzom
  15. [Closed] Have a celebrity play it and advertise his experience
  16. [Closed] Innovate: replace the Chat tool with something tottaly different !
  17. Make use of existing places in new ways to force people to interest in
  18. Win one year free subscription !
  19. [Closed] Trial players: become a ghost player on mainland
  20. 3d wallpapers or even community movies ?
  21. READ THIS FIRST : How to post in this Brainstorming forum
  22. [Closed] Holloween event ???
  23. Ryzom Stickers
  24. Implementation of a sponsoring system
  25. Suggestion
  26. Flyers for local publicity
  27. Idea : Ryzom on mobile like IPhone !!!
  28. Offer game as a real GPL opportunity
  29. Ships (air and sea) war
  30. For Marketing Plan
  31. petite idee
  32. Ning Network
  33. (ré)utilisé les videos de nevrax
  34. Exploit Ryzom's strengths and other ramblings :)
  35. support for 3d monitors
  36. Mini Events
  37. Developers Diary / Blog postings
  38. Have all those ideas died ?
  39. a idea
  40. a brainstorming idea
  41. mini games
  42. Some new points from Carie
  43. Some ideas for imporving Ryzoms future
  44. Make Ryzom Open Source
  45. Usefull links to advertise Ryzom
  46. Game time gift system, pay another player extra game time
  47. Ryzom Plushies
  48. make a film or a animation
  49. Fanshirt Ideas
  50. More once-taken quests