View Full Version : Pyr to Thesos trip

January 25th, 2005, 07:49 AM
This means to be a very quick trip aimed at fyros' newcomers.

Depart: Pyr north-east stables, 8 PM GMT, thursday the 27th
Arrival: Thesos
Optionnal: If enough of the attendants need it, we could also have a pyr-dyron trip.

Your leader for this event will be Starflow, and the same rules as usual apply:
1- no looting , looting = faster respawns , you do that too many times and I'm so gonna kick you out of team and leave you there ;)
2- stay grouped: the leader supposedly chooses the safest way, however, there will be a couple aggros, therefore we dont want to spread too much.
3- no rushing forwards blindly, it's the leader's role to choose a path, not ours.
4- wait for laggy/crashed people: you'd love to relog and see that the team hasnt left you behind.
5- this is not an xp session this is a trip, use your highest level skills. If you won't be able to hit in melee/magic, you can always switch to healing to earn a couple xp points

1- form teams, follow your team leader
2- team leaders follow the trip's leader, and report the laggy/dead/crashed people of their team. we'll all wait for them, in a secure place if need be.

If you are veeery new to the game, try and make some money, you wouldnt want to reach Thesos and not be able to buy a teleport ticket there.
Tickets are 12k each.

For any questions, feel free to reply, or pm Starflow or myself ingame.