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January 25th, 2005, 08:06 AM
Stuff that is asked by all the trip organisators, for survival
1. no looting: it speeds up the respawn of the monsters.
2. stay grouped: if we spread too much, we'll get wiped by the tougher mobs, so try to follow the leader
3. no attacking non-aggros mobs: since this is a trip, we want to attack the less things possible, only the aggros that are on the way should be taken care of.

Stuff that I believe helps, but some people may proceed differently
1. Form a team, and follow your team leader
2. Team leaders follow the trip's leader. This way, there should not be people running forwards and putting the whole group in danger.
3. When someone crashes or lags behind, his team leader should say it in region or shout, and we'll be waiting for the player to come back.
4. There's only one trip leader, if you think you know of a better way or something, please send the leader a /tell , instead of giving directions in region (and thus, confusing people)
5. Make sure to have some spare money to buy teleport tickets at the altars we reach. Some altars do not sell tickets though.

I think that quite covers it, thanks to Sky for the inspiration from his Matis-Fyros trip post :)

January 25th, 2005, 11:48 AM
Something I would add is to not get ahead of the leader. This happens alot and aggro gets pulled because of it.

January 25th, 2005, 11:59 AM
Stuff that I believe helps, but some people may proceed differently
2. Team leaders follow the trip's leader. This way, there should not be people running forwards and putting the whole group in danger.

I believe its already included :p

January 25th, 2005, 03:36 PM
May I add:

* If you're the leader and see people fall behind by more than 50m (i.e. if your radar is set to this and the whole group isn't visible) then you stop or walk to let them catch up.

(people at the back can't do a lot to catch up so it's up to the ones at the front to not get too far ahead).

* If you're the leader and the group has noticeably spread or split into multiple groups don't be afraid to call for a regroup in region at yourself.

* If you're in a team, compass target your team leader.

* A useful command I heard about was /target <someone>. So if you lose the trip leader then you can use this and compass target them.

* Team leaders - say when attacked and where you are in the group. E.g. "back adds", "torbak right of centre", "team dead front".

January 25th, 2005, 05:53 PM
sneaking is not the best option when in a very big trip. better pull everything that is a bit to close then taking the risk of the aggro attacking the rear. (they do move arround you know :P)

this offcourse does not always work.

try to always stick to the wall then at least you have one side wich is aggro free. this depends on the situation offcourse. atleast 2 nukers and 4 150 + tanks are always very helpful.

use one tank that taunts then the healers dont get killed mostly.
do not heal a tank when standing next to him because you will get killed :P so keep a distance.

dont scream for healing because it irritates the hell out of the healers(and me). if you dont get a heal then probably they are dead as wel or very busy. most of them know what they are doing.

dont waste to much time or run in short shoks (for the leader) because people will leave or get anoyed.

dont give up to easily.

try keeping it fun by not shouting at each other when something goes wrong because it will spoil it for everybody when there is some loon shouting in region at every random person.

do not treat people like little children by constantly telling them the rules. if they dont wanna listen then they dont want to listen. they will just die a horrible death and get no rezz :P

do know that if you travel with kaboom you will have to deal with every named mob she gets in her sight. and if you travel with the ravens that we dont like to sneak arround to much and just trash the buggers.

ohoh edit: do not send tells to the leader of the trip because it distracts to much and is quite anoying. if he/she is lost or ran out of ideas then they will say so. but getting tells when you are leading is kind of anoying as well

Edit 2: if there are many spelling mistakes then i do apologize

note: some of this might be helpfull some of this might be plain bull**** hehehe