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January 28th, 2005, 05:30 PM


From roots we crawled to burning day
Branding the mark of Fyros kind
Upon the deserts of our land
To bring again the times of gold
And live and die as folk of old
Respecting Kami, nature’s way


In the jungles of the new lands
Masked we hide, in pride we stand
Here we live to fight the goo
Risking life and senses too
For the Kami, they demand
Homins live with nature’s plan


We made our home with lakes and streams
Where falls run deep as rainbows gleam
And water forms our life and trade
Giving hope but bringing strife
When others seek to steal our life
But always Jena will prevail


Deep and deeper into forest
Losing all within the green mist
Jena guides us safe to Matis
Here, distrusting every stranger
Safe we dwelt remote from danger,
Karavan holds all our trust.

So were formed four lands of hope
Where four races built new towns
Politics and rumours ruled
Tales of olden times abound.
Alliances could ebb and flow
But sense prevailed to heal old wounds
And peace allowed us all to grow
We knew the Kitins were not dead,
Pushed far below our sunlit world
To languish deep in caves they fled
We knew our story was not told.
Still we hoped for years’ respite
From foul beasts of deepest night,
But few the harvests passed until
The click of claws bought winters chill.

Tale the First - Matis

The hidden Matis towns of wood
Complacent, dreaming stand aloof.
Such tempting targets for the foe-
One sleepy, dappled green-gold day
A harsh alarm cut through the haze
As swarming mass of gleaming shell
Advanced from nowhere as from hell,
Led by captains, fell and dire;
The Matis died in score on score.

Until the one prevailing strand
Became the need to save their land
Few there remained, for final stand
Yet on the Knoll of fate’s renown
They trapped the leader all alone
And dragged him down with spell and might
To vanquish once again the night,
Their homes were saved at bitter cost
The Matis people all but lost.

Tale the Second – Fyros

Time trickled past in seasons’ round
Few Kitins dared cross open ground
It seemed their might was spent indeed.
So Homins lived distaining fear,
Except one day news swirled in Pyr.
Reports were vague and no-one knew
Where or what or even who
Was snatching Leviers from their home
To hide them deep in desert grim.
The Fyros host marched out as one.

Rolling dunes and shimmering heat
Echoed the ring of marching feet
As war drums beat a steady tune.
But this was not a Kitin threat-
Some Frahar performed the evil deed
With vicious dogs to run to heel,
They fought the Fyros every step
As to their lair the army neared.
Defeating all, their friends they freed.
Returned to Pyr with flowers and cheers.

Tale the Third - Tryker and Zorai

Now troubles drift on winter winds
When goo can taint all living things
And Karavan lost science renew
To poison tribes of Zorai cutes.
And send the Gibbai screaming mad.
With rending claws and spells they fight
In Jungle camps they hide from sight.
From dreaming towers the army marched
To right things as the Kami asked
Zorai and Fyros, strong and sad
Together, fighting to the last.

Meantime the tribes that stayed in health
Through the prime roots came in stealth,
Their goal was fixed on staying free
The Tryker lands seemed fair and wide,
They built foul camps at Bounty side.
The Tryker and their Matis friends
Set out apace to make an end
But desperation leant great weight
Determined Cutes and Gibbai stayed.

In Zorai, fierce the battles waged
As slowly goo was forced aside
The leaders fell with all their tribes
Until not one was left alive,
And in the roots of ancient tale
More camps were found where goo prevailed
Once these again were razed and burned
The natural order was returned
Kami had stopped the spread of goo
The price was death – a day to rue.

Tale the Fourth – In the Nexus

One day as dusk was drawing in,
The Homins heard the strangest thing
A talisman of greatest power
Lay in the Nexus flowery bower
Both Karavan and Kami sides
Demanded aid to win the prize.
However, unbeknownst to all,
The Kitins too had heard the call
Of strange new magic, and were set
To hold and keep this artefact.

Fast and furious was the race
Both sides sought to win the chase
Kitins fought with claw and bite
As dead from all four races lay
Tossed and strewn as if in play.
Bravely Homins took the fight
To the camps of Kitin might,
And finally the Karavan
Destroyed the leader, scales agleam
With blue and gold -
A giant Kitin, as of old.
The way was free to reach ahead
At Destiny’s End, the hidden found.
The Karavan removed the token,
But Kami silence was unbroken.

Tale the Fifth – Cataclysm

Maddened by the smell of power
Furious with pain and hate
Kitin forces clothed in fear
Gambled with the winds of fate
Pouring from their holes and caves
All of Atys to enslave
At the time of harvest-tide
Swarm on swarm of evil came
There was no place for all to hide
The age of sorrow born again

This time the leaders rallied all
To fight and die, their only call
We needed guards, we needed men,
We needed armour swords and then
We’d take the battle to the foe
To die if needed but to show
That Atys lies in Homin hands
And Atys’ sun on Homins shines
Kitins should never have our lands.

For months we fought the fearsome things,
Through winter’s snows to green of spring.
Slow, oh so slow we found our way
Toiling in groups, through night and day.
Until at last the word went out
It was the hour of final throw
The Homins risking desperate rout
To strike a final killing blow
In every land they all prepared
To seek the Kitins’ final lair.
Fierce and long the battles gory,
But Kitin leaders set on glory
Proved no match for Homin hearts,
And Homin trust and Homin art.
The Kitins died but took their toll
The spring of Atys stained with red
Never will we forget their role,
Who slayed once more the Kitin threat.


January 28th, 2005, 05:36 PM
wow fantastic poem :)

The author has talent :)

January 28th, 2005, 05:42 PM
A mesmerising tale, my tribute to you, esteemed Bard.

January 28th, 2005, 06:11 PM
Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very nice work.