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February 19th, 2005, 04:34 AM
Homins, I bring you tidings of the Zorai New Year.

A new year begins
As winter's snow melts away
Let us celebrate

The Zorai new year comes, not during the winter months, but at the start of spring, hailing the arrival of new growth, blossoming flowers and the other natural wonders of Atys.

To bring good luck and to stave off evil for the new year the Zorai traditionally circuit their Capital, shouting, singing and making noise to ward off evil and scare away evil spirits for the coming days.

At each entrance to the city they pause, making sacrifice of the animals beyond the entrance and listen to a story about Zorai history and customs.

Finally they gather and make merry, feasting and drinking and relating poems to celebrate the season and to entertain each other.

On the 26th at 8pm GMT Zorai new year will be celebrated in Zora with the circuit of the city as well as a party and a Haiku competition.

For those who don't know, a haiku follows the pattern 5/7/5 syllables and usually contains a sideways reference to the season it is celebrating. Homins are invited to create their own haiku poems to relate at the end of the festivities!

Come along and ensure luck, health and fortune in the coming year on Atys!

The religious teachers of the Zorai have announced that there will be an official proclamation made at this auspicious time and some new history and teachings revealed!

February 26th, 2005, 07:31 PM
I worked hard on my Haiku, but alas, due to some RL circumstances, mainly a big party with some friends I haven't see in a while and a few cases of beer along with it, I won't be able to participate....

But I want to share my Haiku with you anyway :) and I hope others will post theirs after the celebration so we can all enjoy eachothers' poetry

Well, here goes:

A new year makes room
For all things to come and go
While beauty remains

February 26th, 2005, 11:01 PM
Homins, I bring you joyous tidings! This very night saw the blessing and ushering in of the Zorai New Year attended by scores of Homins, both Kami and Karavan. It was a time for celebration, a time for reflection and a time for learning.

We were honoured to be treated to some new Zorai lore by Bai-jimao, a warrior monk of The Celestial Order, a cloistered order who work directly for Mabreka-Cho when needed. Entrusted with organising the retrieval of The Book of Revelation he has since risen higher in the order and was entrusted with the New Year celebration as a reward for his diligence.

Following the blessings Homins were invited to recite haiku poems to ensure health, luck and happiness in the coming months.

The winning haiku was composed and read by Jool:

I hear a sad voice | upon a living planet| I need to be free

Also commended for their beauty and references to the passing seasons were:

Vaynen: A new year makes room | for all things to come and go| while beauty remains

Rashan: Green dapper blossoms | on opportunity tree | a new year of wealth

And for making us smile:

Sanz: When both gods tell us | you must choose one side homins| how can one be right?

Please feel welcome to post your haikus in this thread following the basic rules:

A haiku follows the pattern 5/7/5 syllables and usually contains a sideways reference to the season it is celebrating.

February 26th, 2005, 11:07 PM
Bai-jimao of The Celestial Order honoured those present at the Zorai New Year festivities with prayers and learnings.

Who we are
We are the Zorai, friends of the Kami, followers of Ma-Duk. We listen to Atys' needs, we care for her as she cares for us. We venerate our sages and remember the lost of the past.

Of all the homin people we care for Atys' the most and understand the most about the power of magick. In that understanding is that there is always more to learn.

May Ma-Duk watch over our ancestors.

Where we were
The Kitin came in their masses and wiped away the old world. Zoran was lost and with it much of the wisdom we had learned down the ages. Yet more than any other homin race we remembered.

We were the first to write, the first to capture our knowledge on vellum, paper and tablet. When we were forced to flee the terrible wrath of the Kitin we took much with it. We endured ascetism for we had the greatest thing of all, enlightenment.

May Ma-Duk defend us from our enemies.

How we struggled
Everything save our knowledge was taken from us by the Kitin yet we retained much of our knowledge and we learned more.

We learned how to better defend ourselves, we learned the value of the lessons of the past and we learned welcome and unwelcome things about the other homin races and the Karavan.

Still we endured and our faith gave us comfort, and hope.

May Ma-Duk give us strength and hope.

How we prevailed
When we returned we were used to having little, our minds were set free to consider spiritual matters an to come closer to Ma-Duk and the Kami. When our temple cities rose again we were able once more to take up our responsibilities with due swiftness.

The Goo must be turned back, the message of the Kami taken to the homin and their eyes turned from the false promises of the Karavan. Ma-Duk gave us the strength to prevail, Ma-Duk can lend that strength to others.

May Ma-Duk show all homin the way.

Why we wear masks
Most wear masks to hide. We wear masks because we have nothing to hide. The masks commemorate our friendship and kinship with the Kami, agents of Ma-Duk and Ma-Duk is the light of truth and creation, not the spirit of lies.

Our masks are our true faces and ones we wear proudly and openly for all to see. To see our masks is to see us.

May Ma-Duk bless us all.

The future
We stand at an uncertain fork in the branch, where the Kitin took so much from us they also brought us together with the other homin as never before.

For the future to be free and pure, for the homin to be at one with Atys they must come to understand Ma-Duk and the Kami, to respect our world and its protectors.

Let us take the word of the Kami beyond our jungle groves to the homin of all Atys and let them come here to learn for in knowledge and faith lie strength.

May Ma-Duk preserve Atys and all her people.

February 26th, 2005, 11:28 PM
Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the evening was the revelations of Ma-Duk, which were lost in the mists of time but have now been regained.

Revelation 1)
I am Ma-Duk, the Genitor, the Life Giver who created Atys, I am at one with the Kamis, who are part of me, and thus you must adore them as you will the Genitor.

Revelation 2)
Follow the pathway of Kami enlightenment; it will lead you to elevation into the sphere of Kamihood.

Revelation 3)
To enter the sphere of Kamihood and be at one with the Genitor, you must follow the patch of enlightenment to attain merit.

Revelation 4)
Attain merit by worship and by caring for Atys.

Revelation 5)
Provided you are on the pathway of Kami enlightenment, I will rekindle your spirit if you die before you have reached full merit.

Revelation 6)
Donít be tempted by false gods, they cannot be of Atysian composition, they have no place in my design, they create imbalance.

Revelation 7)
Be the enemy of excess and your journey on the path to Kamihood shall be plentiful.

Revelation 8)
In the same way as I have sown the seeds of existence to the wind to prepare for your life on Atys, so you must disseminate Kami enlightenment to the four corners of the world.

February 26th, 2005, 11:35 PM
My haiku :

A new beginning |A new opitunity | take your place Homin

February 27th, 2005, 04:08 PM
As requested by Phaedrea :) (See I do post things for you :P)

A short story detailing the recovery of the book of revelation.

On the eve of the Zorai new year a few Zorai were alerted to the shouts of another requesting help that only the brave and courageous could fulfill.

Alibooma and Lienchang searched through Zora to find the source of these calls. Within a few minutes of searching they found an elected Zorai called Baijimao. This Zorai had been requested by Mabreka-Cho to recover the lost book of revelation with the aid of the Zorai people and Ma-Duk.

Alibooma and Lienchang sat and listened to Baijimao as he told them the significance of this book and how it was hidden by sages during the Kitin invasion years ago. However they were not the only homins that Baijimao had the attention of. Kye, another zorai with great power and knowledge of atys was listening from afar. Soon he was drawn in by the strangers tale.

Baijimao told them how the book of revelation had secrets long forgotten detailing how the Zorai race became. He added that it would be of great importance to retrieve the book in time for the Zorai new year, and how Ma-Duk and the Kami would be eternally grateful for this gesture.

Upon hearing this Alibooma, Lienchang and Kye immediately requested to assist on this epic pilgrimage. As they went to equip themselves for the journey ahead, others joined their group. These brave homins were Ghuiss, Echos, Henamot, Bijam, and Wintermute.

Together this band of Zorai travelled past the borders of Witherings into the burning desert. A perilous journey I'm sure you agree as the kitin were dotted all along the path. A journey that was once taken by the sages of old.

The book was soon discovered in the burning desert hidden under some debris and contained in a sealed urn. The urn was smashed open- which may have at the time been a foolish decision- but nevertheless was taken!

Upon returning to Witherings the group were attacked by the kitin again. Unfortunately the book was damaged upon recieving a deep scar into the izam leather bound cover. Had it remained sealed in the urn it could have remained in tact.

The book is now being held in the Zorai Palace under the watchful eye of the chief guard in Zora. It has been restored to a good condition by a team of specialist merchants who used a more durable ragus leather to bind it.

And thus we unfolded parts of our history during the Zorai new year as the book was opened for the first time in many years.

(This post can also be found in the RP section of the european community)

February 28th, 2005, 02:39 PM
Kye, another zorai with great power and knowledge of atys was listening from afar. Soon he was drawn in by the strangers tale.

True words ;)

elementals of atys
healer and melee

February 28th, 2005, 03:10 PM
True words ;)

LOL @ your smugness

February 28th, 2005, 04:18 PM
This is beyond cool. Wish our server had an interest in this type of thing.

February 28th, 2005, 05:57 PM
I was not aware of the sideways reference to a season for the hiaku, nor that it was a competition. I made mine up on the spot, based on what I had been told of the Revelations of Ma-duk by Bai-jimao (who was a most gracious host indeed).

The last line has more than one meaning....

February 28th, 2005, 06:19 PM
If the new year was the end of winter, why did it only start snowing *after* the ceremony? :p

February 28th, 2005, 06:23 PM
Welcome to Zorai :)

Spring: Snow/Rain
Summer: Rain, Sun with Light Showers, Overcast with Light Showers
Autumn: Rain/Snow
Winter: Snow/Heavy Rain

Gotta love those trees! Of course, if there was even a single concentration of trees maybe... nope don't even go there :)

February 28th, 2005, 09:41 PM
Spring: Snow/Rain
Summer: Rain, Sun with Light Showers, Overcast with Light Showers
Autumn: Rain/Snow
Winter: Snow/Heavy Rain

Sounds like London.... *Shakes snow off coat* Its friggin' freezing out there :(

March 1st, 2005, 01:19 PM
It must have been a great finish to the quest for those who participated.

I suspect that a lot of casual visitors were a bit bored, though.

Congratulations on a well completed quest for your cultural heritage.