View Full Version : Mektoub Derby

March 18th, 2005, 10:17 PM
ooo seeing the Tryker relayed event thread for this sunday just gave me an idea ...

I think we should start a weekly or even daily of horse racing events! (well, mektoubs racing).

Any Racers can signup and know that they can win prizes for winning races (e.g. dappers) and that records will be kept to how many times they won and lose and time records etc.

Players that doesn't want to race can make bet or just watch. They can bet on the racers, and stats will be accumulated, and pretty soon there will be favorites and odds.

- problems:

What's a good way to put a little more skills into the racing then just running and hopping your puter is faster than the other racers?

How can we ensure that bets are taken in and records are kept and pay out are legits?

How do we judge those "win by the nose" situation? (How do we do Photo-finish?)