View Full Version : Regional trips: Witherings (24-25/3)

March 24th, 2005, 01:18 AM
Greetings fellow Zorais and homins.

The holidays are upon us (well, so of us anyway :p), what better time to trek around Witherings to grab all teleport tickets from the kami shrines and portals.
Additional there will be attempts to get to Pyr, Thesos and even Yrkanis. Fairhaven might be a long short, but who knows what will happen...

Trek will start both days at 16:00 CET in Min-cho at the stables. If needed there will be a pre-pickup at Zora stables at 15:45.

What to bring
Good homour, as DPs are bound to happen.
Dappers for tps.
Spare melee, ranged and magic equipment, some fighting is expected.
Food, toothbrush and sleepingbag if you want to go all the way on the trip (there will be breaks during the trek).

What not to do
Ignoring team/trek leader.
Breaking formation.