View Full Version : Role of Guides in events and the story

October 20th, 2004, 02:23 PM
Just in case anybody is confused about this, I thought it's best to post this.

The in-game Guides and Senior Guides (e.g. Theai, Phaedrea, etc.) are volunteers and are players just like us. They are not officially part of the event team responsible for the story currently going on with shaman Oba and Wormbreath, although they often help in organizing other events. In fact it comes just as much a surprise to them when Oba and Wormbreath appear as it comes to us.

The Guides are on our side, and when they Roleplay, they are not doing it out of some preorchestrated script, but out of genuine love for the game and roleplaying. The exchanges that you see posted on these boards between Oba/Wormbreath and the Guides are genunine roleplay attempts and not just for show. They are here to lead us and provide us strength and courage in our coming battles against the evils that plague our land.

October 20th, 2004, 08:45 PM
I can testify to the truth of all this as follows:

Being a lowly level 32 bod called Tember, I was amazed when I bumped into Wormbreath and had a 'pleasant' chat. He seemed like just another player with lots to say, although many a Muhaha was heard. There was only me and him at first and he evenutally ran off.

The same goes for some other characters I think, like maybe Oba's x-wife with whom I also had a chat. I forget her name now but her title is 'Shaman' and she seemed like just another player until she started going on about how she left Oba since he went mad etc.

Who knows who else is lurking about with plot I wonder!