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November 20th, 2004, 11:25 AM

This has just come in from Fightmaster TeCapio.


The first part of the Dart Vader Naked Boxing competition was held lastnight in Pyr, unfortunately due to RL issues I had to rush off early.

Luckily I was still around to enjoy the fine display of how the fine art of naked boxing should be performed from our two lovely Matis ladies, Phaedrea and Tigane. Judging from the spectators response ,I think the exhibition was enjoyed by one and all - for various reasons. I must remember to get them to cut their nails before the next demonstration!

The results of the competition as they stand so far:
(after most boxers completing 4 bouts)

1= Duster - Honourary Darth Vader Award - temporary
1= Pcheez - Honourary Darth Vader Award - temporary
3 Savior
4= Sohkrat
4= Mafioso
6= Mourier
6= Pinsao
8 Riest

The rules for the competition:
1. Totally naked except for a Fyros helmet.
2. No weapons.
3. No magic
4. No auras
5. Self heal/Stam allowed
6. Bouts will last a maximum of 2 minutes
7. In the event of a knockout not being achieved, the points decision will go to the boxer with the highest remaining health at the end of the bout.
8 No kicking, biting or scratching (ladies)

New rule for the next competition

9. A knockout will be worth 2 points, while a points decision is worth 1.

We will continue/finish this competition as soon as possible, allowing for other activities/events that may be taking part this weekend.

If any other races are interested in a similar boxing event, then please contact me in-game or leave a note here. The event is best held with 8 boxers participating (for time reasons), this will allow each boxer 7 bouts to prove themselves.

Atys Fightmaster


Homins, Heed my Words