View Full Version : Harbingers of Doom show their face again!

December 6th, 2004, 12:28 AM
In Tryker lands, a crowd of homins showed up for the funeral procession to the island of Ybers, where priest and mother made for a deeply moving ceremony.

Here, the text of the service:

Thank you all for coming.

My loss is a tragedy I hope none of you have to endure. I thank you for your support in these trying times.

After my husband was killed, Piscina became my life. She became my reason for being, from the day I found her on my doorstep to the day when she was taken from me.

I still remember when she took her first steps. When she first began to harvest, chipping away at the sandy soil with a little pick she made herself. I remember, just a few days ago, when she was just learning to swim...

I'm sorry, friends. I just can't go on. It's too...much for me.


It is alright. You have said enough. We know this is tremendously difficult for you.

Thank you all for coming.

We are gathered today on the shores of Fairhaven, where young Piscina loved to swim and play with the Yubos. Today, we are gathered to mourn her passing. In this time of trials, a loss is always hard and the death of a child so much more so.

Piscina was a young girl, she'd just learned to swim a few days before her disappearance. She loved nothing more than playing in the water with the rest of the children and chasing Yubos until the sun sank into the sea.

She was cruelly taken from us for the only crime a child can commit, that of being far too curious for her own good. Her mother has asked me to ask you to be gentle and patient with the young, in memory of her daughter.

We Tryker are the masters of the sea, plying the waters of Atys. When one of our number has fallen, we traditionally give them to the sea, that they may be sailors in death as they were in life.

So we commit Piscina to the deep, to sail the rolling waves eternally in a ship that never fails. Clear skies and good sailing, Piscina, wherever your trips may take you. May Jena watch over you.

The funeral service for the lost Piscina was interrupted today by the villian Mournblade. Although he came in peace today, he did warn that all those who interfere in Harbinger business will face their doom. The man in black armor soon made his cunning escape, chased from the scene by the vengeful mother, leaving all homins to wonder what dangerous times are in store on Atys. It seems the Harbingers will continue their reign of terror.