View Full Version : Matis Gladiator Series Begins

December 10th, 2004, 10:01 PM
Here is a list of all Matisian competitors for the gladiator series. Check to verify that you are listed, and under the correct heading. If you are listed improperly, please send takashi a PM in the forums. The first in the series of the Matis Gladiator will take place Sunday at 11:00am EST at the north gates of Yrkanis. Everyone who wants to attend is welcome, but only Matis fighters may fight. Sign up at the gates, if you're not already signed up, and we'll have some fun.

NAME ----RACE---- CLASS ----RANK(in class)
allthatinny ----matis---- Masters of Magic
Pharamos ----Matis ----Masters of Magic
Ashen ----Matis---- Meatshield
basic ----matis ----meatshield ----3
michelle ----matis ----Meatshield
Saiwin ----Matis ----Meatshield ----5
skull ----matis ----Meatshield
Tarienka ----Matis ----Meatshield
vertigo ----matis---- Meatshield ----2
zyran ----matis ----Meatshield ----1
linuxprox ----matis ----Meatshield
Arniglow ----Matis----Meatshield ----4
Xcomvic ----Matis ----Fists of Fury
Elonis ----Matis---- Fists of Fury
Leron ----Matis ----Fists of Fury
axe ----matis---- gunslinger
Doubletap ----Matis---- Dual Wield ----1
Mystakae ----Matis---- Dual Wield ----2

This thread will be used to announce future Matis Gladiator meetings, so keep an eye on it. There will be a thread for each race as they are announced.