View Full Version : Tryker Gladiator Series

December 13th, 2004, 11:49 PM
This Thursday at 1pm at the Fairhaven stables we will be kicking off the Tryker gladiator series. If you have not entered yet, please show up then to sign up. Remember this is a series of events, so missing one will not put you out of the running.

Mellodi ----Tryker---- Meatshield
Zzei ----Tryker---- Fists of Fury
melodie ----Tryker---- Meatshield #1
darth ----Tryker---- gunslinger
Gecker ----Tryker---- Fists of Fury #1
Dreven ----Tryker---- Masters of Magic #1

These guys could sure use some more competition so lets get signed up! Otherwise, we'll have some nearly default winners. If i've missed you and you cannot attend on Thursday, just send me a PM in the forums, and i'll get you added.