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December 21st, 2004, 03:10 AM
Following the murder of Riccia in Yrkanis, Matis warriors chased down the assailant (Sorrowblade) and cornered him in the Arena where his fate was sealed and the suffering of many was avenged.

Later on, 4 more Harbringers of Doom appeared provoking the Green Seed and throwing taunts around to anyone nearby. Engaging duels and picking our warriors off one by one. We offered them to meet the same fate as Sorrowblade in the arena where through the will of Jena the forces of Atys prevailed over the corruption of the Harbringers. The Karavan forces fought not just for Matis or the Karavan, but for ALL homins.

Harbringers of Doom forces:
Doomblade, Griefblade, Mournblade, Fearblade, Zidia (Kami Champion), Brithlem (Kami Champion)

Atys forces:
Zzei, Skull, Moonbeams, Michele, Saiwin, Saga, Thara, Xev

onto the images!
http://ryzom.vx3lan.com/ryzom/images/gallery/index.php?nav=%3E2004%2012%2019%20Harbringer%20Sho wdown

The only question this poses for me is, why are these Kami CHAMPIONS involved with the Harbringers? The Harbringers have proclaimed themselves as Matis Supremacists, followers of the Karavan and Jena, but they do not share the same views on unity as the majority. I myself fight for every homin, regardless of race or creed. Why do they choose corruption over unity?

Perhaps it is the fighting for corrupt power that aided in the downfall of Homin Society in the Great Swarming? There *IS* unity amongst homins as was demonstrated on this victorious day. The new age is upon us...like many before me have said wisely, "Let us put aside our differences and fight our common enemy, the Kitin." Our history shouldn't be rewritten nor forgotten, rather let us use it as an example of how we can all better ourselves and relations with each other.

December 21st, 2004, 10:12 AM
ya, kinda wierd that the leader of infinity joined the harbringers..hmmm.

makes you wonder eh?
knew about this in advance?

December 22nd, 2004, 06:13 AM
Doom grief fear and mourning are not the teachings of Jena.