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December 22nd, 2004, 04:47 PM
The Harbingers of Doom resurfaced in Majestic Gardens to commit further atrocities, this time the murder of a Matis woman, Riccia. He executed her in Yrkanis and then, in the nature of the Harbingers of Doom, ran off. It was Sorrowblade again, the same who was responsible for the death of the Tryker girl some time ago. He was tailed to the Matis Arena where his pursuant warriors made rather short work of him. His guild mate, Mournblade, the fiend responsible for the attack on Mynias, showed up presently to taunt the homins around Majestic Garden. He seemed to lose his level temper, however, and began to challenge the homins. After several minutes of talk, he disappeared and things went quiet.

After Mournblade went silent, the homins began to settle down and return to their normal routines. There was a wedding planned in Fairhaven of Tryker lands, and the homins began to suit up and head south to the portal to Tryker. Not long after the caravan left though, Mournblade returned to exact his revenge. He came with friends this time. Three other members came with him and began to execute the Green Seed tribesmen. They had cleared out the camp when they began to goad the homins publicly. Homins began to arrive at the camp one by one, daring not to challenge the four Harbingers. Before long, there was a group forming, and those present gathered courage from their numbers. There were countless duels in the overrun Green Seed encampment, but it seemed the Harbingers were unbeatable.

Recognizing that the individual strength of each Harbinger was greater than their own, the homins began to coax the villians towards the arena. Their numbers now ranked around 50, far more than they would need to destroy the small regiment of Harbingers. It took some convincing, but eventually the Harbingers agreed to head to the arena. When they arrived at the arena, there were already homins waiting. Their numbers steadily increasing. The unity of the homins present was clear when the Harbingers asked for 6 challengers to enter the arena and the lot of those present promptly walked in, leaving the Harbingers outside. This prompted more dueling while the Harbingers challenged the homins to give them a fair fight, but no matter how many homins fell, they were always healed right back up.

It took much time but finally the homins agreed to fight the Harbingers on their terms. The challengers entered the arena with the Harbingers close behind. The fight did not last long. Although the power of a single Harbinger is undeniable, their cooperative efforts were lacking. Once the first fell, the rest toppled under the organized force of the challengers. The Harbingers were silent in their defeat and after they all fell, they promptly vanished.

Mynias the Watcher, having recovered from the Harbingers' attempt on his life, was delighted to hear of the Homin victory. He had this to say:

'Homins, you have brought a great smile to my face. I always knew that if we homins would work together we could overcome any foe. You have proven this beyond doubt. But do not be too presumptuous, although this is a great victory over these Harbingers of Doom, I have since had a report of further activity, although I have no details, they are set back, but not defeated. Stay vigilant homins, and good work!"

December 23rd, 2004, 01:13 AM
Nice job everyone!

December 23rd, 2004, 04:09 PM
No mention of the allies of the Harbingers from Zorai guilds that fought along these villians ? All homins need to be well aware that it is quite apparent at this point the Zorai are in some way affiliated with the Harbingers and should be watched closely when they are in your lands.

Zidia and Brithlim, as well as their associated guild are clearly against all homins...

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December 23rd, 2004, 09:52 PM
CP has no connection to Harbringers and has not yet received an answer as to why Brith and others from Infinity grouped with them... Brith is gone for a week and none of the other members that we have talked to seem to know anything about it. CP is here to protect all Homins.. as for Infinity.. we don't know right now.


December 23rd, 2004, 11:13 PM
Doubletap, watch yourself. Not all Zorai associate with Infinity. I could just as easily say because the Harbingers are Matis that all Matis are Harbingers, but I saw plenty of Matis out there fighting along side me (A Zorai).

[Out of character] Brith said he joined them because "It's fun playing the villain." [/Out of character]

Homins, these are enemies we cannot kill with kindness. They are more than mere fleas as many have said. We cannot focus on the Kitin invasion and let the Harbingers infest us from the inside! Nay, we must divide our attention to this new threat and prepare to wage war with the army they say they will bring.


January 16th, 2005, 07:50 PM
A new perspective from the journal of Brithlem...

"The day as a whole:
Upon hearing from "Perrako" that the Harbingers were "attacking"
Matis, I threw down my pick, donned my ceremonial light armor reserved for situations of gallantry, and asked the great and wonderful Kami to bring me to Ykranis. A short walk later past the tribe of which I know very little (Green Seed), and around the plateau, I arrived at the location to which I was beckoned; the outskirts of the arena.
Perrako, mind you is a former brother of Infinity, the guild I lead, and on many occasions has told me that "the Zorai have abandoned him."
Seeing him bearing the banner of a prominant Matis guild, of which there are over 80 members made me think. If there are 80 members of this guild, surely there must be one stronger than I with which this homin surely has a stronger bond. And there's only one way to find out who the mightiest is... duels. After challenging every member of his guild to a duel and being refused time and time again, and only the lowly Perrako, a Zoari, standing up to represent his Matis guild, in a fight he knew he could not win, did I come to my decision. This was not a race I felt was worth fighting for. Perrako showed his true colors, brave lad, willing to die for what he believed in, you can't help but respect that. Additionally, a brave Tryker, Zzei, stood up to, and conquored me, but he was not the race I was beginning to dissent against. I learned a lot about the different races that day I thought.

To the Harbingers:
Seeing the harbingers wreak havoc on the race I had just deemed "heroless" was not suprising. Why else would they have attacked unless they felt they would not face united resistance? Why did they not attack the surely less-populated Zorai lands? The answer is unity. Infinity, Comitatus Praetorian, Guardians of the Lost, and formerly The Defenders of Zoran; I know for a fact these guilds would rush to the defense of the Zorai lands should ever a need arise. I felt the Harbingers were moved by a very basic principle: "to the victor go the spoils." So how would it benefit me to be on the side of the slaughter?

To the arena:
When the Harbingers invited me to side with them in the arena, there was no other option but "yes." How do you side in the defense of a race that would not defend their own honor individually against a lowly Archmage, I thought to myself. Thus, using all my powers of foresight, I entered the arena on the side of the victors to be. This is when I first noticed that perhaps these Matis are not without heros. Omega Guild and Malion, both bidding for the right to face the Harbingers in the arena. Arguing over the right to fight men that no one Homin could wish to defeat, this opened my eyes. But it was too late by then. I had already pledged my support and was not going to back out now. It occured to me that perhaps this was not a race of heroes, perhaps it was a race that worked feindishly well together and didn't need the one figurehead to swell behind. I began to respect the Matis way. After our defeat at the hands of the very united matis front in the arena was perhaps the most magnamous gesture I've ever been witness to. Xev, the warrior I was just matched against in mortal combat, brought each of us up off the ground. These matis even had respect for their enemies, enemies proven weaker than they. I bowed to Xev, and promised not to set foot on Matis soil again until a Matis brother or sister absolved me of my crimes against their people.
And this is where we stand today...