View Full Version : Royal Rumble Matis Arena

January 5th, 2005, 12:36 AM
Tonight Tuesday January 4th 2005

Royal Rumble
Matis Arena

10-11 PM EST

All are welcome.
This will be a group event 2v2-9v9. All level groups are welcome. There will be a LAST MAN STANDING anything goes at the end to see who is "DA MAN" or woman.

I know this is short notice but hey there will be more if this works. Send a tell to Me (Zen of CP) or Brithlem (of Infinity) before 10 PM EST to sign your group up and let me know what levels will be on hand. Walk-ins are welcome. This event is for fun and I think we will be having a good time. 4 guilds have already said they will attend so we hope to see ya there.