[Lore] Bannières validation sur le wiki lore officiel

I am amused at the concept that "The lore is a world picture, a picture that needs to be consistent, and can serve as a basis for the rest" (La lore, c'est une image du monde, un image qui se doit d'être cohérente, et qui peut servir de base au reste.)

I have read deeply in the Lore that is available, and also that which has been revealed by official events (on Arispotle and after the merge). Consistency of the "physical" attributes of the world is not high. The reasons for actions and the results thereof fly in the face of physics and psychology. Things are revealed that if taken to their logical conclusion end with results that simply have not happened.

Part of this is due to the fact that every event gets player input that determines results, and Event Team responses have to be made on the spur of the moment and then back-justified into the "consistent" framework. Given that circumstance, more than a little chaos is inevitable.

However, I like the idea of a flag of some sort that says: "This has been approved by the Event Team" or "This is inconsistent with Lore," or "This is not inconsistent with Lore, but has not been approved by the Event Team." Used with care, it will allow an enthusiastic new player to know what to build on, depending on their desires.


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