[Lore] Bannières validation sur le wiki lore officiel

I think the Chaos is another problem Bittymacod, and is inherent to the nature of the Event team (composed of voluntaries who do stuff on their free time and also probably some misplaced trust on so-called experts who write events without checking any fact beforehand and tend to have a very narrow vision).

Even if a validated/unvalidated lore does exist, I'm afraid there will always be discrepancies due to the simple fact that it is not checked. Encyclopatys has long been disregarded as a source of information by the event team, while many thing are in it. I could give you a few examples but the last in date would be in the feedback I wrote about the Decalion's quest (about Epus' last name). I'm pretty sure that the information on the private wiki (I guess?) of the event team states "Xalaus" and not "Xanaus" as the character appeared in game with the name Xalaus. And yet, in the texts of the event, his name is now Xanaus (if it has not been corrected meanwhile). It shows well that the facts weren't checked.

I could also take as example, the event series "Xycaphantus" that showed a Mezza Triva to the players, a characted who was supposedly banned from Matis Kingdom but yet appeared as the Master of armies of it. I guess it had been written in the documentation that she was banned, but still, chaos was brought :-D Anyway, enough ranting about that kind of things. So as I say, Chaos is another problem and I guessinconsistencies are bound to happen and should not be used while talking about validation/unvalidation. And they should be addressed at another level than the player level.

Nevertheless, if we take that into account, I'm kinda worried that the validations will be done poorly. Especially with the trackrecord of the aforementionned so-called experts.

Regarding the rest, I totally agree with Laofa as she says that users have to be trusted. I also think that differences should be made between story/history and the "working" of Atys (i.e. the physical attributes).

Also, while I'm at it, I think we should take a look at how the Lore was built through time, for the different servers. I think it could help us understand the "why" of many things. (But I'll stop here, my post being long enough as it is :))
Zeige Thema
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