Looking for a few sets of exc LA/HA and a few weapons

Need a few sets of armor to fill some holes in guild inventory. Only looking for exc quality at this time. HP bonus LA sets (2 each) Q150 and HP bonus HA sets (2 each) Q150, plus one set of Q200 HA. Prefer Matis or Tryker sets, and prefer to pay in dappers.

Also looking for (2 each) 1H swords, 2H swords, 1H axe, and 2H axe in Q150, Q180 and Q200. Again, only looking for Exc quality. Once again, prefer to pay in dappers.

Please send me an in game mail, I will get back to you as RL allows, please be patient, my work schedule has become very complicated.

Thank you,

Guild Leader Armageddons
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