Ranch setup with possible horses/cattle

To start with I am an old roleplayer and do not have programming knowledge but was thinking that a ranch setup has a lot of potential both roleplayingwise and could help some issues in the game as well.
There is a mission system in place and I believe skin of some creatures could be copied to others for use with same type of uses such as a Rendor skin being used on a Mektoub mount.
I was thinking that each nation could be setup with a few ranches sort of like outposts or wandering npcs with missions. There could be Pony Express type mail delivering. Go gather up and/or train cattle/horses. Covered wagon delivering goods from one nation to the other could need guards or could be raided. I don't know how it would be done but there could even be a traveling rodeo with bronco busting sort of thing to an event to see how many yubo someone could herd.
The whole point is that there is a lot of roleplaying potential. Wild west is full of flavor that could be used. The rendor just screams that it could be used as a mount. Another thing is that this could give people things to do other than bothering each other. Several factions could gain things to do. Marauders could go raiding. Rangers could tame things. People could go on guard duty. If you really wanted there could be an old fashioned stick up roleplayed out instead of just brute force... could use factions just to see which group looks meaner without even actually fighting.
The positives in my opinion are that there is a lot of bickering going on and that this could be used to give people other things to do. If used right it could either smoothe over relations. Another thing is that when players make choices to do things it gives them ownership of their character.
On the bad side of things is there is some work involved and I know that programming is limited.
Any opinions are welcome. This may have been tried in the past. I was just thinking this would be an interesting thing to breathe life into an all ready living world.
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