[ADDED] Use of mount

Hello, several things are annoying about mounts, but I hope not so hard to improve.
  • Make key shortcuts to mount and dismount effective. Those are already proposed in configuration list but does not work.
  • It's nice having prevented us to free accidentally a mount having something left in inventory. But I thind you did it wrong.
    • first the popup window does not remind which animal we are dealing with, making us not able to realize we miss right-clicked just before. (for example a gubani, void inventory)
    • Then, it happens to me now to get my mount "stuck" far away in the bush, just because I forget to remove the last haystack before TP (don't laught). We should be able to confirm that "yes" we do want to sacrifice the inventory.
  • Its annoying being forced to dismount to talk to a NPC. And don't tell me it's for being polite that we have to.
  • Same, I'll find more pleasant not having to dismount to go through a vortex. Come on !
  • If you could reduce the action time to mount and dismount. Perticulary to dismount ! In order to be able to defend more quickly (1 seconde). Our toons slash doing vault, but my grand mother would dismount faster than them.

To summarize, yeah great thing adding new mounts, but if you could also make their use less frustrating, thanks !


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