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Action Bar #2 Update

Ok, so I'm pretty sure there's been some previous discussions on this but ...

To clear up confusion and set the language I see two definitions for the term 'Action Bar' being used.  To explain the difference:

Term 1 - is used to refer to your 'Primary' action bar which has 10 separate bars (or pages if you like) available for use with different skills.  For clarity, going forward, I'll refer to these as 'Action Bar Pages'

Term 2 - This is being used to refer to the difference between Action Bar #1 (aka Action Bar /Hands) and Action Bar #2
I've added an img below to show the 2 action bars:

The idea of he second action bar, whilst is a good idea to enable Homins to use skills from more than a single action bar page simultaneously is ok, but it has 1 main limitation. Action Bar #1 and Action Bar #2 are in fact duplicates. But, what if they weren't duplicates and could be used as 2 independent bars?

When looking at the range of skills (Magic, Melee, Dig, Craft, Ranged etc) it's easy to see a situation where Homins run out of space on their action bars. This can be particularly true where a lot of macros are used for equipment groups, dig, boss hunts etc.

Taking crafting as an example:
If a Homin were to level Melee Weapon crafting, the crafting plans can be bought for all 4 races meaning, 1 action bar page could have 4 stanzas (one for each race) just for melee weapon crafting. The same is true for Ranged, Armour, Jewel, Tool crafting stanzas etc and so, it's easy to completely fill 1 action bar page solely with racial crafting stanzas!

Should action bar #1 and action bar #2 be completely separate?


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