I wonder if it would be possible to trade in gubani mount and zig peices for basic tokens.

It would be real cool if this were possible, as I have around 9K mount peices and 7K zig peices.

I have a Gubani mount, and one of each type of zig available ( frippo, yubo, and gubani) .....

I keep getting more peices, and have no use for them.

thank you in advance for your consideration


ok, same question, different date
I am up to 12404 gubani mount parts, and 9236 gubani zig parts

would it be possible to recode - repurpose the "old coin turn in - exchange" to do this?
I am currently (during ATYSMAS), able to exchange the withered coins for atysmas coins, and choice coins to spend on the wheel.
this is why I am asking about the recode for the coin turn in.

( i know it is possible, if the devs think it is worth it)

thank you

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