[DONE] Basic BBcodes

List seems incomplete now, for one we have those neat [noparse][time] and [date][/noparse] codes our event team uses.

[noparse][time][/noparse] displays the given date and time plus a real-time counter:
[time]2012-01-01 20:00[/time] shows as , 1 Января 2012 20:00:00 UTC (1 десятилетие назад)

[noparse][date][/noparse] automatically converts the given date and time to Atys time:
[date]2012-01-01 20:00[/date] shows as 8h - Quarta, Nivia 22, 4th AC 2565

Also, is there code for linking to a post within this forum without having to use the entire url?

Also, would be nice to have a link to this list in a corner of the forum somewhere.
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