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Tumbleweed (atys)
Little annoying things like that is what can spoil impression about the game.

Take stacks that have to be splitted manually every time. Indeed, it's not a big deal. If you do that one or two times it's ok.  If you do that ten times a day it's annoying. If you are in hurry, that messing with math, typing and clicking is even more annoying.

Or mission window closing every time a mission is picked up. Again it's not a big deal. Unless you do fame grinding and run into this ten, twenty, thirty times a day. Then it quickly gets annoying.

Or crafted items not stacking. Two rounds of identical ammo can be stacked, but two identical rings or axes can't. Not a big deal, right? Until you craft about hundred or more of those rings and have to sell them all one by one, shift-clicking on each of them. By the time you end it, your hand is about to be cramped. 

Little things can be really disappointing.

+1 For the stacking of armour/weapons/jewellery I've always wondered about that one.


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