Boosted q200 sup zun bq Matis amps

Since Marichia still won't let me mess about with q250 supreme zun, I have been reduced to having to practise on q200 zun.  

Although these amps lack the preferred Lost Girl Alt Heal Amps stats of 116/116, the boosted ele of 113/113 should compensate for this and allow the healer quickly throw effective nukes and heal spells while her sister engages the mob in melee.  Admittedly, q225-250 spells are not possible with this set, nevertheless, quality 200 spells are an exellent choice for two homina to kill q220 and some q270 bosses.  Quality 200 heal spells are all that is needed to keep the tank up for most q270 bosses. As with many of our crafts these amps are basic quality, so they do not look pretty.  Lost Girls craft for stats first.

[OOC Bidding starts at 800k. Auction ends 16/08/2015 at 18pm BST.]


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