[Player Event / Zoraïs] Something wicked this way comes

The bar in Min-Cho is particularly crowded today. Many Zoraïs are gathered, looking concerned and having a heated discussion:

"I'm telling you, aribini," the old Zoraï forager says in a loud voice, "The beast was as big as the Great Dragon, it came flying down and ate my poor mektoub packer in one single bite!"

"Né! That's nonsense!" a young Zoraï woman replies, "We all know the Great Dragon doesn't exist. I read it on the Eye of the Tyrancha News! Those are lies told by the Karavan-goo to fool us."

"He did not say it was the Dragon," came the deep voice of the lone hunter. He didn't speak much, but when he did, the Kwaï of Min-Cho listened to him, "He said it was as big as the Dragon. I'm telling you, this beast is real. It is destroying the harmony in the Grove of Umbra. The bodocs flee in terror and the fauna is unstable. A shadow spreads there, and it approaches Min-Cho, ever closer."

After those words a silence creeps over the meeting, all Zoraïs visibly nervous and tense.

The hunter speaks again, in his characteristic deep voice, "A katar is needed to hunt this beast down. It is Shikyo, death given form!"
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