Why I started playing Ryzom

Hello everyone, I am a new player to your world. Today I received an email from the Ryzom team asking me why I picked to play this game.
I was bemused by the fact I was just told to "reply" rather than given an automated survey. So I thought I'd share my reply here, in hopes that maybe some of you might share your "why" as well.

[From my reply to Ryzom]
Wow... First time anyone's asked me "why" about a game. So here goes...

I am sick of the modern MMORPG where the REAL game doesn't even start till you reach the level cap. Where people are anti-social solo players and the world is rushed through until you hit endgame. I miss the days of working hard for my levels, teaming up with people along the way and generally enjoying the journey.

Your game hits all the right buttons. I have died a number of times in the starting area, on normal enemies.
Ryzom is DANGEROUS, it's a tough world where you need to be careful to survive, where you can live at your own pace without being rushed to endgame; A world of exploration and journeying...

The biggest drawbacks to me at the moment?
1.) Jumping... I miss it... if it was real-life, I would jump that fence and go straight... Not spend 5 minutes jogging around it. That knee-high ledge? I would clamber up, not be forever blocked by a sub waist-height barrier. You get the idea.

2.) Nothing can be done about this: People. Ryzom is awesome, needs more people playing it to bring the fun. I will spread what word I can, I'm sure you are all doing the same. ^_^

Sorry for the wall of text, hope it tells about me.

Best Regards,
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