How to become a Ranger

Hi Craftjenn --

A very nice brief introduction to the Ranger way of life.

I have one minor correction about Fame.

I 'm pretty sure that it is lower than +30 x 4 nations +20 K/K to start the Pathfinder mission. It is +30 and +20 to get the third stage mission on Pathfinder. I know it is +35 in all 6 Fames to get the Cube of Precepts and the title of Ranger Aspirant.

In other words it's more complex than it appears at first, like much of Ryzom. A quick workaround is to get to +50 fame in all six areas and not to worry about it. (*smile*)

I would also encourage anyone who is interested in the Ranger faction to come to the meetings in Almati Wood.


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