returning too

hello all,

decided to have a look if one of my fav game was still alive and got pleased to see it's still kicking. so i resubbed, and saw an empty character screen.

meaning, it seems, i was inactive before the merge.

anyway, quickly got my toon restored, under a new name ( was known as Bhelliom in those long gone days :) )

while i was happy to get my main back, seems the restore dont bring back items. i'm not bothered about mats/dp, really. but i lost all my TPs *cries*
So here i am, naked if FH (well, kinda..), having to dig to save to buy tools, so i'm tempted to start over with my alt ( Daelkyr ) since i'm in mood to be a Zorai..

anywaaaay, main reason for the post here is the very slim hope to see if there are still old timers from my old guild Nexus, or anyone i knew back then :)

lookign forward to roam Atys again, probably will seek for a guild soon, for company, ya know.
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