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HOWTO use item groups

I think Search string for inventory thread isn't fully appropriate to talk about this.
A very nice feature could be the ability to search by ItemGroup name.
If you create an itemgroup and name it `guild_member_name` search for `ig:guild_membre_name` show the item group, it'll be usefull to retrieve a set of item for someone,
`ig` stand for `ItemGroup`

you can move item group in/out of guild by the way. It's not a default option because with non-unique ID it could have been a big issue. I'll probably change it to a default option now that we have unique ID. In the meantime, you can see this post : amp;post179345 to activate it
(however since item groups are stored client-side, only you will be able to move it by item group name, unless you share it with the other person)
To difficult without any simple import system to make this operation easy for everybody.

Maybe a system based on a link may work ?
IE : create an ItemGroup with `share:pseudo` option that send a link via PM to `pseudo` then, `pseudo` click on the link while in game and the new ItemGroup is added in his `group_pseudo.xml`

There's no reason to permanently save an ItemGroup created with the `share` option, but it might be handy to have it available until the ItemGroup was droped in the guild chest and/or logout.

It implies server-side storage & modifications (and of course client-side modifications), something I'm not a fan off (especially since it's modifications on the closed source of the server, ie mail app, which I don't even have access to) - so consider it not doable :)


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