Although not a Matis subject, I was training in the Gorve of Confusion, hunting Great Jugulas with Azukia of the Noble Matis guild Cara Via on Thursday last [atys time here].  We had completed a number of successful kills by the ponds beyond Eastgrove Workshop when a large Jugula appeared behind us and quickly we were both sent to the mercy of the gods. 
We were surprised to find that the Jugula had a name which we were not familiar with.

We returned the next day to find the beast near to the Matis Guards camp by the road south of Eastgrove Gate.  We engaged it in combat only to find our efforts rebuffed by some unnown talent of the creature.  We lured it into the nearby ponds in an effort to corner it. 

As we fought it our attacks sometimes had an effect but sometimes no effect at all.  As we rested in between attacks we noticed the creatures HP drop to almost zero then replenish fully without any actions from us.  We concluded that the creature merits further study.

After a time the big Jugula left and we followed it and it disappeared in the direction of Ginti Workshop.


Out of the Darkness, into the Light

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