Ash Storm Arena

Bankun Atysians, After long years of wait the Atys PvPers are called to the challenge on Ash Storm Arena there skills as great warriors and PvPers.
So i call all who wish to join the Tournament send me in game mail with there team names.
The event open for all and I welcome all viewer’s to join and cheer there teams and friends in the two days of the Tournament.

Detailed Information :
Place:Ash Storm Arena
How to get there :using any capital Terminal (click on the scene named above)
Date & Time: 20/21 July 21:00 CEST
Type of Event:PvP Tournament 2v2
Round 1
All the teams fights between them with a time limits of 5mins with points system,that will be summed. The four teams with the most points fight between them to go to semi o finals.
•Win=2 points
•Draw=1 point

Round 2 semi
The 2 teams will fight with no time limits best of 3.

Round 3 final
The 2 teams will fight with no time limits best of 5.

You can use all stanzas from your Bar, eggs o other cheats not allowed if we catch any team cheating will be kicked out from the Tournament. 

Now come the best part Rewards:

The winner team will receive NPC heavy armor each fighter and a title. 

The winner of the semi will receive NPC light armor

The last but not the least important my great thanks @all Ryzom Team and a very special thanks to @Jayvaraman he made this event dream come true and great help editing videos, thanks again. 

Hope all Atysians and PvPers gives the last great push to make this Event Tournament fun


From past we learn,present we live and future we make:))
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