[Zoraïs] Circles assembly of Zora

[Zorai] Assembly of the Zoraï Circles (10/28/2018)
Kamia’ata Awakened, Initiates and Allies against the Goo.

The Void still suffers because of the Goo. We must not drop our guard nor remain inactive.
This will be the main topic of the Assembly of Zoraï Circles to be held on 19h - Quinteth, Medis 29, 3rd AC 2600*. I invite all those of good will to attend it, in a spirit of peace.

On the agenda :

Dynastic Circle
Appointment of a Scribe and an Interpreter for the current Assembly
Candidacies for Awakening and a position as Ambassador of the Theocracy

Defense and Exploration Circles
Struggle against the contamination of the Void by the Goo

Ochi kami no !


(*) [HRP] , 28 October 2018 20:00:00 UTC (4 years ago) [/HRP]
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