Le choix de la mort définitive

Permadeath is something I have been thining about myself. Question is how will this work when you still have plenty of "immortal" homins around. Why should I choose permadeath then?

I think it belongs to a group of things that is called "RP tag" here.


Also ressurection pact sounds good as other way to permadeath. Every teleport pact is also a ressurection one, just permadeath is missing. However:
- some will complain (loosing free ressurection points, need to pay, lost characters)
- payment itself change nothing because dappers are cheap (just one thing more to care about)
- it would not be that easy to introduce (a lot of work around)
- there have been some organizations establised with own ways of transportation (marauders, rangers) which means additional toubles (that makes ressurection pacts dead at this moment probably)


It depends on what High Powers want, after all. I think there must be a change in status quo first. Current peace makes High Powers to be open. If one side will start with resctrictions (like request payments for ressurection), it will be big disadvantage.
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