Le choix de la mort définitive

Hi Alyani !

Resurrection is part of the background. It's a gift from Powers.

It was rare before the great swarm because at that time there was much more homins. So, nowadays, powers want you to rez !

But rez is not infinite. It appears than when they ages a lot, one day homin won't be rez. Or in more rare case a homin is not rez even if he was yet healthy. For example the mad king Jinovitch.

Also, rez needs a special network. If a homin would go far from newlands, rez won't be covered. This fact could be implemented in the future.

Anyway now, you may choose for yourself not to use your avatar. Or maybe ask for a rename and create a new background.
But maybe you'll need a gameplay counterpart of this permadeath risk ?
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