Wheel of Fortunate Gubani during Atysmas

1.  I have been advised that one should only use the Atysmas Tokens on the Island.

2.  When you assemble anything we get from the wheel, (wigs, plushies, ryzomhome item, mount, zig, etc) a new item appears in your inventory.  When I assemble anything from Atysmas token rewards,  (Boomsplah, Hatysmas, Atysmin) ... nothing appears in my inventory.  Is this normal ?

3.  If I assemble a Hatysmas / Atysmin and the snowman / grinch is supposed to appear and try and steal ... I don't see a snowman / grinch pop.   I just see a popup window, that is in french, half the time the window is smaller than the info it's trying to display so can only read parts of it.  And as I can't see any "boomsplashes" in inventory, it woukld appear I am unarmed.  I expected that these would appear like "water bombs"

Can anyone shed light on what I am supposed to be seeing ?


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