Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Lands of Loria (Lakes - 250)


Clooclupp gave me the Kidniak mission in post 002.  I usually find him just south of the Cuzans Camp.... Checking BM, that's where they have him located.

Also seen up near Hush Hole, Watergate Border Post and south end of Lake Superior.

AFAIK, you can'; get the Mission ID from the Mission Window, only from the Daily Missions Window; to reopen the DM window (even after it has refreshed), click the "Mission Booklet" button above the mission in your screenshot.

I had run Cuzans fame to max about 2 weeks before DMs were introduced. I kinda liked Clooclupp missions cause he was rather easy to find compared to many others and never in a horde of aggro. Since DMS I have had a 3 missions w/ him.

Tips for finding NPCs.

1. Check BM Map and Silenda NPC Listing which links to Map

2. As you are perusing an area with compass at 250m, look for scroll icons on the compass. Plant a color coded flag (I use "citizen" category - white flag) with name, title and allegiance (i.e., "Clooclup, Hunter, Cuzans" . Later when you have a mission you can use the in game filters on the map window (? icon) to search via name, tribe or title.

3. Sometimes ya get lucky ... I had a mission like that 2 days ago... there was no blue flag for the delivery mission, but I also had to craft for the same guy ... and you do get a blue flag for craft missions.

4. For the wandering mission NPCs, you can get a list of wandering tribe NPC names from the Fame Bunny Tool. 5

Create a targeting macro with the 4 or so wandering NPCs from that tribe and as you run thru the region, spam it while also looking for scrolls on compass.

5. If ya have any buddies on line who worked tribe fame, send a PM and see if they flagged the dude / dudette ya looking for.

Here's what my LoL Map looks like with all the white flags being NPCs Name / title / affiliation) . Dark Purple is mission mats. Orange is Exe mats and the pink is dig grind mats ... dark orange is Gerder Poo ... just in case you were wondering :)


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