Forage Targeting


First off I know theres many methods of foraging! But I'd like to propose a cycle forage target. There are many reasons why this should be added.

Nottably herbivores sitting atop your nodes, making it difficult to target.
This provides additional negativity to foraging if you take off range and seek highest resource content nodes.

Even when animals do not sit on the nodes, certain forage techniques are hindered. It seems the current system favours the kill dig method who do no care about source content.

Alas those people leveling do prefer high source content nodes and are forced too adopt the favoured method. Whilst leveling this gives the worst possible experience gain per hour.

Please allow resource targeting and cycling ALT+SHIFT +SPACE possible.

You could also maybe use this with enemy cycling too, it will severly help miss targeting in groups where nearest enemy wont target the mob you need.
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